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Building Maintenance and Construction Program


The Building Maintenance and Construction Program is a proprietary training program offered by the District of Sault Ste. Marie Social Services Administration Board.
This program offers our Ontario Works Clients the opportunity to gain in-demand skills while working to renovate a house as part of our Affordable Home Ownership Program. Students will participate in all phases of the renovation process from demolition to finishing work. The program offers 10 weeks of hands-on training delivered by an experienced instructor that allows students to develop practical skills to gain employment in the construction field. You will receive industry recognized certificates and all training is competency-based. Students in this program have an extremely high rate of employment after completing the program, and many go on to further education in construction and the trades.

Eligibility Requirements

Interested? There are only a few requirements you must meet to join the program. They are:
• You must be 18 years of age or older
• You must be able to attend program Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm
• You must be legally able to work in Ontario
• You must be currently receiving Ontario Works (OW) or Ontario Disability Support Program funds (ODSP)

You are NOT required to have:
• A clean CIPC
• A high-school diploma or equivalency
• Any previous work experience

Program Requirements

The Building Maintenance and Construction Program takes place on a real worksite where health and safety are the number 1 priority. In order for you to succeed and be safe on site we will provide training in:
• First Aid/CPR Level C
• Working at Heights
• Health and Safety in 4 Steps
• Arial Lift
These are all standard training requirements for most Canadian worksites. You will receive a certificate of completion for each of the training modules that you complete. You can present any of them in an application to an employer.

Program Supports

The program offers a variety of supports to ensure your success and your ability to attend the program with minimal barriers. Some of the supports we offer include:
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Tools and Equipment
• Course Materials and Supplies
• Course Fees, including the cost of related Certificates
• Transportation Costs
• Allowance for Incidental Expenses
• There may also be assistance available for needed childcare, please inquire further with the Case Manager if this is a barrier for you.

Program Details

The Building Maintenance and Construction Program is unique and designed in a way that encourages you to succeed:
• The program focuses on competency-based achievements
• Sometimes life happens! There’s a great deal of flexibility in participants leaving and re-entering the program.
• Every day is different! So we offer daily check-ins with students on site to see if there are any issues we can help resolve or additional supports you might need.
• You receive a certificate of completion when you finish!

Success Stories and Comments From Past Students:

“This has been the best program I have ever seen”
“More than I expected”
“If you’re interested in Construction this program is very informative and educational”
“This program definitely prepares you for the workplace or refreshes any past knowledge”
“This was a great experience”
“Would like if it lasted longer as I really enjoyed working on the house build”

Course Content

Topics covered during the program include:

• Construction Industry Overview
• Health and Safety
• Project Schedule and Cycle
• Operation of Tools
• Basic Construction and Renovation Techniques

Here’s what you are going to learn on our worksites:

• You’ll explore the daily working environment of a construction site
• You’ll examine the roles, responsibilities and relationships typical of a renovation project
• Through a hands-on approach you will acquire an in-demand skillset that will make each student an asset to an employer from day one
• Students will acquire skills from each facet of the construction project life-cycle from demolition to finish work
• Engage in safety talks and learn to safely use all basic hand tools and power tools
• Learn to perform typical tasks such as: Dry walling, Flooring, Window/door installation, and a variety of other skills
• Students will graduate the program with extensive knowledge of a complete renovation and how the skills will translate to other project forms within the construction industry


Interested in learning more about this unique opportunity? Reach out to:

Shelly Pezzutto 
Case Manager – Building Maintenance and Construction Program

P: 705-971-6863

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