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NEW!! Employment Pilot Program for Youth with Disabilities

Have you ever wished you could…

•Become a teacher?
•Start your own business?
•Work in a library or a hospital or a gym?
The possibilities are endless! It might not feel that way if you are young and have a disability – especially if you need a home, or day care for your kids, or help with your mental health.
It’s always hard to know how to pursue your dream. But if you are between the ages of 14-29, have a disability and want to explore your job and career options, we can help!

Thinking BIG…

This project is all about you. One size does not fit all! You have interests, skills and abilities that no one else has. There are employers and organizations in your community that need you.
But how do you get there from here? Your worker will help:
•Develop and carry out a plan to achieve your goals and overcome your challenges
•Communicate with your teachers, parents,and othe rmembers of your support system; and
•Connect you to community supports likehousing, mental health services, trainingand employment services.

Picture this…

Zara is 20 years old and the mother of a young child. She’s always wanted to work in health care, but didn’t know her options or where to start. As part of the employment project, she discovers she has the interest and ability to become a nursing assistant. She sets up a plan with her worker to reach her goal. Some of the steps are:
•Talking to someone about her mental health
•Finishing her last two high school courses
•Finding child care
•Volunteering in health care in the community
•Starting a college program for nursingassistants
•Working with an agency to gain employmentskills
•Landing her first job!
By the end of this project, Zara will have a better sense of who she is and what she can do.

Getting started…

First, you call the number at the bottom of the flyer. You’ll speak to someone who has special training in helping young people reach their goals and aspirations. Their job is to help you:
•Learn about your skills and abilities
•Find work or choose a career
•Join activities in your community
•Finish school or apply to a program
•Plan for the future
Your worker will guide you through all the steps to get there. Your worker will be flexible, supportive and available to help.
You can leave the project at any time. And if you need another type of service, your worker will help with that too.

Is this right for you?

The project is perfect for someone who’s ready to:
•commit to meeting regularly with a worker to talk about interests, goals and skills
•explore their potential
•create and carry out a plan to meet their goals
•find a way around challenges


View a copy of the Employment Pilot Program for Youth with Disabilities brochure here.

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