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Find Affordable Housing

Types of affordable housing

Housing Services oversees 2,400+ affordable housing units.

Tenants are members of the co-op community they live in and are required to help maintain it

These properties are owned by service clubs, faith groups, ethnic organizations, community agencies or municipal governments

Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation
These properties are managed by Housing Services and are rent-geared-to-income

Rent Supplement
Tenants pay rent-geared-to-income in a unit owned by landlords in the private market. Housing Services pays the difference to the landlord between the market rate and the tenant’s portion of rent.

Portable Housing Benefit (PHB)
Tenants receive a rental subsidy towards their current market rate rental unit or a different private rental of their choice.

Affordable Housing
Private landlords who have a certain number of units in their buildings charging a lower than average market rate.

How Vacancies are Filled

Vacancies are filled depending on your situation. Below are the criteria and priorities for each:

Victims of Domestic Violence and/or Human Trafficking
You or someone in the household MUST be a current victim of abuse and/or a survivor of human trafficking. A victim of abuse must have lived with the abuser within the past (3) months. A victim of trafficking must be currently trafficked or have exited trafficking within the past (3) months

Urgent Homeless
The household or individual must complete a Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT) with a Housing Support Worker for the following situations to qualify for the Urgent Homeless Status

Medical Priority

A household current receiving Rent-Geared-to-Income and/or a housing subsidy reside in a unit with more bedrooms than they need and must move to a smaller sized unit.

Standard Application
Applicants who do not meet criteria for a specialized programs will fit into this category


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