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Where can I find a job?


If you are eligible for Ontario Works, there are many programs and supports that you might qualify for.

Our Employment Assistance Services are designed to help you:

  • Learn about career options that might interest you
  • Develop job skills
  • Access funding for training or other employment related expenses
  • Upgrade your education
  • Connect with employers

We have Employment Coordinators on staff that will assist you along the way to achieving your goals.  Employment Coordinators will connect you to the appropriate programs and services as well as help you find a job!  Talk to your Case Manager about making an appointment with an Employment Coordinator.

Benefits are available to help you with the costs of finding a job, participating in an approved training or employment activity as well as health benefits for people leaving Ontario Works for employment.

Examples of Employment Assistance:

  • Employment Activity and Training Costs: Money for employment related costs including,
    • clothing & grooming
    • supplies and equipment
    • certification fees
  • Child Care: Money towards child care expenses for parents participating in employment assistance activities.

Speak to your Case Manager for more information on the employment related programs and benefits you qualify for.

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