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Where can I access addiction counselling and crisis services?


Community Alcohol/Drug Assessment Program (CADAP)

Address: 294 Willow Ave
Phone: (705) 942-4646 ext. 3148

Counselling for everyone with alcohol or substance use issues

A New Link

Address: 126 Queen St E
Phone: (705) 946-0920

Counselling for Mothers (In or out of care) with alcohol or substance use issues

Addictions Treatment Clinic (ATC)

Address: 123 East St
Phone: (705) 946-0920
Walk in: Monday 1-3, Friday 1-3

Counselling for anyone with alcohol or substance use issues

Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM)

Address: 123 East St
Phone: (705) 759-3434 Ext. 7200

Immediate assistance with addiction


Address: 123 March St.
Phone: 1 844-864-0523

Walk in for crisis services, counseling, Dr. Support, methadone and Suboxone. “One stop shop”

Crisis Services (Sault Area Hospital)

Phone: (705) 759-3398
Any urgent needs that may or may not be

Indian Friendship Centre

Address: 911 Queen St E
(705) 256-5634 Ext. 2129

Counseling and addiction support services

Concurrent Group (Sault Area Hospital)

Phone: (705) 759-3434

(Use common referral form)
Wednesday groups for people with addiction AND mental health diagnosis

Clean supplies

John Howard Society

Address: 27 King St
Phone: (705) 759-1703
Walk in: Mon-Fri 1-4

Free clean supplies (Meth inhaler, crack pipes, needles) and sexual health supplies

HIV/AIDS Resource Program (HARP) & Hep Care

Phone: (705) 542-4526
Call or text for mobile services

Clean supplies, abscess hygiene kits, sexual health education

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