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Social Services COVID Information Updates


Early Years and EarlyON Resources

Working from Home With Children and EarlyON Newsletters

Visit our EARLY YEARS and EARLYON RESOURCE page for more information

Food Security

A growing issue for our community during this difficult time.

Visit our FOOD SECURITY page for more information

Housing and Emergency Shelter

Addressing the needs of the homeless and those in need of housing during COVID 19

Visit our HOUSING & EMERGENCY SHELTER page for more information

Ontario Works & Emergency Assistance

Benefits and assistance available through Ontario Works

Visit our OW & EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE page for more information

Provincial & Federal Emergency Assistance and Local Updates

Federal and Provincial programs to assist people during COVID 19 and other local updates.

Visit our PROVINCIAL AND FEDERAL ASSISTANCE page for more information

Paramedic Services during COVID 19

Serving our community in difficult times.

Visit our PARAMEDIC SERVICES COVID page for more information

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