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Ontario Works Recipients

Ontario Works recipients are required to declare all income to their Case Manager on a monthly basis.  You can do so by calling or emailing your case manager or by using the MyBenefits site.

Please do not come to the office to submit an income statement.  For additional information please visit

During our restricted access period, we are putting in place the following practices to ensure that Ontario Works recipients receive their monthly entitlement.

• All cheques WILL be distributed by mail – this means that there will not be any cheques held in office for pick up.

• We will send your cheque to the most recent address that you have reported to Ontario Works – if you need to report an updated address where your cheque is to be mailed please contact the Ontario Works office as soon as possible at 705-759-5266.  

• If you have an emergency, please call us, we are asking that you do not come to our office locations in person.

• T5’s that have been returned to Ontario Works have been changed to reflect the new address provided and will be mailed.

• If you have any questions, please call our office and we will be here to help.

We continue to monitor the current situation closely and any changes to services will be communicated as they occur.

At this time, the Social Service offices has taken precautionary measures to manage the spread of COVID-19 by implementing limited access to our buildings. We ask that all Ontario Works recipients contact our office by telephone or email if you require services during this time at Ontario Works – 705-759-5266 or email