Monday, September 16, 2019
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Move Out Requirements

What to do when you want to Move-Out

  • You are required to inform the Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation a full 60 days (2 full months) in advance in writing at the office. A move-out form outlining your rights and responsibility under the Landlord and Tenant Act is available for you to complete if you wish at the office or click here for a fillable PDF version of the Move Out Form. Failing to do so will result in up to two months’ rent being charged to your account which is allowable under the Landlord and Tenant Act and you will be held accountable for this amount.
  • Your rental unit must be left in an ordinary state of cleanliness. This includes all appliances, counter tops, shelving, floors, etc.
  • Any decorating made by you must be removed (wallpaper, tiles or floor covering). Any walls that have been painted in a dark or bright colour must be restored to a light or off-white colour.
  • Tenants responsible for grass cutting must also ensure the grass is at an acceptable height of 3 to 4 inches and in the winter time that your driveway is accessible.
  • All damages must be repaired, and all garbage removed from the unit, balcony or yard.
  • Any maintenance work required to be done after you have moved out over and above the normal light cleaning and painting will be charged to your account.  You will be responsible for the costs. If you are in doubt contact your Property Manager who can drop by to inspect your unit and inform you of what you are required to do.
  • Once you have moved completely out of your rental unit all doors and windows are to be locked and your keys returned to the office. If you occupy an apartment you must return 2 complete sets of keys/fobs and your laundry card all in good condition to get a full refund of your deposit. Failing to return your keys will result in the resident being invoiced to re-key the unit.
  • Residents owing money on move-out will have their file forwarded for collection and a negative entry made on their credit report.