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Special Needs Resourcing

Legislation: Child and Early Years Act, 2014

Description: Special Needs Resourcing funds are used to purchase the services of resource teachers for children with special needs enrolled in child care programs and private-home day care. The DSSMSSAB has a service agreement with Thrive Child Development Centre to deliver this service. The name of this program is Early Learning Resources.

Resource teachers assist child care providers in the assessment of children with special needs, in preparing individual program plans for the children, and in providing support to the child's regular caregivers in developing and carrying out daily activities in accordance with these plans.

Eligibility Criteria

All children enrolled or enrolling in a licensed child care program and experiencing physical and/or developmental barriers are eligible. The goal is to have the Resource Consultant, the child care staff and the family work together as a team for the successful inclusion of every child. Resource Consultants develop Individual Program Plans (IPP's) for special needs children who are referred to Early Learning Resources. The purpose of an IPP is to maximize a child's individual growth and development by working on individualized goals for the child.

Referrals may be accepted from:

  • Physicians
  • Public Health Nurses
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Psychologists
  • Other community agencies or professionals working with the child and family

Please note: If child care subsidy is also required, eligibility is determined based on the family's income and care requirements.