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Landlord Information

Commercial Rent Supplement Program Details

 ·  Owners of private rental accommodation sign agreements with the SSMHC for 2 to 3 years.

 ·  The tenant signs a lease with the landlord as per the Tenant Protection Act and the SSMHC signs and agreement with the tenant in regards to the rent sudsidy as per the Social Housing Reform Act (SHRA)

 ·  The owner is responsible for all normal landlord and tenant relationships including:
                    - rent collection
                    - maintenance
                    - repairs
                    - services normally offered to other market rent tenants

 ·  The rent supplement tenant pays a portion of the full monthly rent based on the total household's gross income and the SSMHC pays the balance of the full monthly rent.

 ·  The tenant's portion of rent is determined by the SSMHC in accordance to the rent scales and calculations set out by the Social Housing Reform Act.

 ·  The SSMHC notifies each landlord prior to the beginning of the month each tenants portion of the rent and they are responsible to pay their portion directly to the landlord while the SSMHC remits the difference to the owner on the first day of each month.

 ·  Upon move out the SSMHC pays the landlord full monthly rent until the unit is rented and also inspects each vacant unit and assists in any extraordinary move out cost.

 ·  The SSMHC maintains the waitlist for the rent supplement units and approves all qualified applications according to the SHRA.  The SSMHC sends two applicants names to the landlord to interview and select a tenant for the vacant unit.

For a copy of the Landlord Rent Supplement Application Form please Click here

Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation Background

There has been a public housing management body in Sault Ste. Marie since 1953.  The following time line outlines the progression to today's model.

1953 - The Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation was established by the Government of Canada, through Central Mortgage & Housing Corporation to administer 100 single - family units in Hamilton heights area.

1964 - The Ontario Housing Act Established Ontario Housing Corporation (OHC) as the lead for development and management of social housing in the province.

Rent Supplement Program Background

The Rent Supplement program was first introduced in 1974 when private landlords were invited to apply for the program.  The intent was to involve private sector landlords who were looking for a role in the provision of social housing and to offer affordable market rental accommodation ofr rent-geared-to-income households.  Funding up until that time was solely targeted for the development of social housing.  The method of Rent Supplement units continues today under all federal-provincial cost sharing agreements.  Currently the provincial government views the rent supplement program as being the most effective way to increase the number of rent geared to income units in the province and has announced several new programs that will be funded under this initiative.

Rent Supplement Program - Current

The Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation (SSMHC) currently has 441 one, two and three bedroom rent supplement units with private landlords throughout the city and is currently looking to increase this number with 30 one-bedroom units.