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Eligibility Criteria


  • Financial need
    • The financial resources available to the applicant/participant, which include assets and income such as earnings.
    • Monthly budgetary requirements are defined in regulation. Amount of income assistance will be calculated monthly.
    • Eligibility for financial assistance is based on an agreement to meet participation requirements.
  • Income
    • Child Support, Government Pensions, Employment Insurance payments, Workers Compensation payments and all payments of any nature or kind received by or on behalf of the applicant or participant, members of the benefit unit, and a dependant on whose behalf temporary care assistance is paid unless otherwise exempted. 
    • As a condition of eligibility, an applicant or participant is required to pursue all sources of income that are or will become available to him/her. 
    • All non-exempted income received by the applicant or participant is deducted from the budgetary requirements of the benefit unit. 
    • If the amount of non-exempted income exceeds the budgetary requirements in any given month, the applicant or participant is not eligible for assistance.
  • Assets
    • Determining eligibility includes assets such as: cash, bonds, debentures, stocks, certificates, the cash surrender value of a life insurance policy, a beneficial interest in assets held in trust and available to the benefit unit, vehicles, and other property which can be readily converted into cash
    • To determine eligibility the total assets held by the applicants or participants, and their dependants, must be below the established asset level for that benefit unit.
  • Participation Requirements
    • Participants are required to undertake an active job search either independently or in a structured job-search program. All employable persons receiving Ontario Works are required to be involved in activites leading to employment. Click here for more information.
    • The Learning, Earning and Parenting (LEAP) program is to help young parents aged 16-25 years old complete their education and to help them and their children become self-reliant.
    • Participation in LEAP is a requirement for 16 and 17-year old parents who have not completed high school. Parents aged 18-25 on Ontario Works may participate in LEAP if they have not completed high school.

For more information about LEAP call 705.759.5213