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1.0 Applying for Rent Geared to Income Housing

Q.  How do I apply for one of your subsidized housing units?

A. If you are applying for subsidized housing, you must apply through the Sault Ste. Marie Social Housing Application Centre. The following is the access site location in Sault Ste. Marie:

Sault Ste. Marie Social Housing Application Centre
180 Brock Street
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
P6A 3B7
Phone:  (705) 759-7748

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am- 4:30pm

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Q. How long does it take to get housed?

A. The waitlist time varies; therefore no definite timeframe can be given. However, it is important that you that you keep your contact information up to date with the Social Housing Application Centre in case your name is chosen to be offered a unit.

2.0 Calculating Rent and Determining Extra Charges

Q. How is my RGI rent calculated?

A. RGI rent is calculated in accordance with Regulation 298 of the Housing Services Act. Below is a simplified explanation of how RGI rent is calculated. However, keep in mind that there are some other factors which will affect RGI rent depending on your sources of income such as Social Assistance Benefits, Support, WSIB, EI, etc.

For households whose primary source of income is not social assistance:

   1. Add up all sources of gross income, except those excluded under Regulation 298. Common exclusions from income are: payments, refunds or credits from governments, assets/interest on assets held in RRSPs or RESPs, and, income of students who are children of a household.

   2. Multiply by 30%.

   3. Determine utility charge or utility allowance depending on what utilities are paid by the housing provider or the household.

   4. Add 2. and 3. The total equals RGI rent.

Q.  Are utilities included in the amount of rent I pay?

A. In your apartment; heat and hydro are part of your rent. In all other rental accommodations you are responsible for utilities except for water.

3.0 Paying my Rent

Q. When is rent due?

A. Rent is due on or before the 1st (first) of every month.

Q. Can I pay my rent with post-dated cheques?

A. No the Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation does not accept postdated cheques (see EFT).

Q. What methods of payment are accepted for rent payment?

A. Our office accepts both cash and Interac cards. However, if you are living in one of our privately owned rent-supplement units, the accepted forms of payment may differ.

Q. Can I pay my rent online through my bank or through pre-authorized payment?

A. At this time we do not accept rent payment through your online banking institution, however you can enroll in our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to have your rent withdrawn from your bank account monthly.

Q. I can’t make my rent payment on the 1st of this month, should I call the Sault Ste. Marie Housing Office?

A. Absolutely. If you cannot make your rent payment on time, contact your Property Manager as soon as possible to avoid being served an ‘N4’ Notice to Terminate Lease Early due to Non-Payment of Rent. We understand the problems of living on a limited budget, so we are ready to help you sort it out.

Q. I’ve frequently paid my rent after the first of the month. Is this grounds for eviction?

A. Yes, frequent late payments are grounds for eviction. Rent is due by the first of every month.

Q. I've received an 'N4' Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-Payment of Rent; what do I do now?

A. You have two choices: 1) Pay the balance of rent owing by the date indicated on the Notice; or 2) vacate the premises. Tenants are strongly encouraged to contact their Property Manager to discuss their options.

Q. I've received the ‘N4' Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-Payment of Rent but have not paid the required amount or moved out by the date on the Notice. What happens now?

A. Sault Ste. Marie Housing will begin the process of opening an Application with the Landlord & Tenant Board to terminate your tenancy. SSMHC must pay the Board $170 to open this application; this amount will be charged to your account. You will be notified of the opening of this Application.

 If you wish to dispute the amount of money owing, you must file a written dispute with the Landlord & Tenant Board within 10 days of the postmarked date. If no dispute is filed, Sault Ste. Marie Housing will receive an Order of Termination that can be filed with the Sheriff's Office for an eviction.

4.0 Housing Operations

Q. Can I paint or add wallpaper to my unit?

A. Enjoy making your home beautiful and comfortable, but remember, before you start any decorating such as painting or wallpaper, you must get permission from your Property Manager. Your unit must be restored to original move-in condition prior to you vacating the premises. Failure to do say may result in additional charges being charged to your account.

Q. Who do I call after business hours if I have a maintenance emergency?

A. Sault Ste. Marie Housing has an on-call service that you can reach any time during non-business hours by calling 705-946-2077. You should only call this number in the case of a maintenance emergency.

Q. Where am I allowed to park?

A. If you own a vehicle, you will have to complete ‘Schedule E’ of your lease and receive a parking sticker. Once your vehicle is registered, a parking spot will be assigned to you.

Q. How much notice am I required to give when I move out?

A. Under the Residential Tenancies Act you are required to provide us with at least 60 days written notice that you intend to move out. Move out date is the last day of the month.

Q. Can I have a pet in my unit?

A.  The SSMHC has strict guidelines regarding pets. Permission must be granted by your Property Manager prior to moving into any Housing Corporation unit. Review ‘Schedule F’ or call the SSMHC office at (705) 946-2077 for more information.

Q. May I install a Satellite Dish or Antenna?

A. The SSMHC has for a variety of reason, found it necessary to restrict the installation (and subsequent removal) of satellite dishes on its properties. Nevertheless, you do have the right, under certain conditions to receive satellite programming.

Q. What is your smoking policy?

A. Tenants, guests, and staff cannot smoke in public areas, including halls, lobbies, offices and common rooms. You may smoke in your apartment. If you smoke on your balcony, check with neighbours to make sure they are not bothered by second hand smoke.