Monday, September 16, 2019
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Satellite Dish Rules

Rules Governing the Installation of Satellite Dish or Antennae

Your lease states as per section 3.03

You agree not to:

  1. Make any changes, additions or alterations to the Unit (like the attachment of shelves or the building of a partition in the Unit), or any Building systems (like plumbing or electrical services) without our prior written consent as outlined in Schedule I  (click here for a fillable  PDF version of Schedule I) of this agreement. If we do consent to a change or alteration to the Unit, then whatever you have installed becomes our property, which you cannot remove and for which we will not pay you; or

Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation has for a variety of reasons, found it necessary to restrict the installation (and subsequent removal) of satellite dishes on it properties. Nevertheless, you do have the right, under certain specific conditions listed below, to receive satellite programming.

Accordingly, here is what you need to know before you decide to become a satellite television owner:

  1. An application in writing must be submitted to the SSMHC or its agents complete with a sketch showing the proposed location of the satellite dish.
  1. No installation will be permitted without the prior written consent/approval of the SSMHC.
  1. You are responsible for any damage that results from installation or use of any part of the satellite system including damage to the door thresholds, trim, weather seals, baseboards, etc.
  1. You may install a dish (no greater than one meter in size) on your own personal balcony, balcony railing, or patio only so long as the dish and all mounting hardware and related assembly are totally within your unit. No part of your dish may extend beyond the balcony railing line or patio line or be attached to the railing.
  1. You may not install a dish on any outside wall, outside windowsill, outside fascia, roof, common area balcony, common area stairwell, or any other common area.
  1. You may not drill any holes of any type, in any manner, in any location, for any reason.
  1. Your satellite system must be a stand-alone system; you may not splice into any existing wires or cables.  The satellite cable must be installed in the living room only following the shortest route.
  1. A certified contractor must install the satellite dish.
  1. It is strongly suggested that the satellite dish be installed independently of the building either on a privacy fence or pole and to ensure that this installation will not interfere with the ability to cut the grass in the yard.
  1. If you install a dish without our permission, or install a dish in any manner not in accordance with the terms of this policy, you will be in violation of your lease terms. Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation may seek to remedy the breach of lease through removal of the non-compliant dish or by any and all other lawful means available including eviction.  You will be responsible for any charges incurred.