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Issuing and Replacement of Keys/Front Entrance Cards/Fobs and Laundry Cards/Door Locks

You will be given a set of keys only when you have completed all the requirements of your Tenancy Agreement.

Lease Signing

Keys/cards/fobs will be issued upon receipt of a key deposit of $20.00.

Family Units
No key deposit is required.

Lost/Stolen Replacement Keys

Each key (mail box included)/card/fob will cost, as stated in the lease $6.00 each. No key/card/fob will be issued until the payment of $6.00 is paid in full.

55 Chapple Ave. and 615 Bay St. cannot get a replacement key to the apartment door the lock must be changed to ensure the integrity of the lock system and the tenant will be tenant charged the entire cost.

Extra Keys/Cards/Fobs

55 Chapple and 615 Bay St. are only issued 2 sets of apartment door keys that cannot be Duplicated. No extra keys are available.

Each extra key/card will cost, as stated in the lease $6.00 each. No key/card will be issued until the payment of $6.00 is paid in full. This payment will be added to their deposit therefore upon return of all keys the original deposit of $20.00 will be refunded as well as any additional deposit dollars received(unless they have lost a key or card or fob).

Laundry Cards

A laundry card can be issued once the $6.00 deposit is received. A tenant may have as many laundry cards as they wish. The $6.00 deposit will be refunded for each laundry card returned in good condition.

Deposit Refund

All key card, fobs and keys must be returned in condition to be eligible for a refund. The item must be clean and not damaged.

If all keys, cards or fobs are not returned the following applies:

Deposit of $20.00 will be reduced by $6.00 per missing item.

Door Locks

Each exterior door is equipped with a deadbolt and each deadbolt is mastered to the building or community master system, you may not change your locks without permission from the Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation.